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What grape you are?

Cindy Fung (Marketing & Events Manager) 冯惠嫦(市场及活动策划经理)

My top wine trend for 2020 is the humble Gamay grape. Everyone loves Burgundy and Gamay remains an affordable alternative to the big names. Plus, Beaujolais Nouveau is always a really popular marketing event here.

若问2020年我最看好的葡萄酒,我会选择由不起眼的嘉美所酿造的酒。众人垂涎勃艮第,而嘉美作为勃艮第非主流品种,比起大牌名庄,嘉美酿造的酒极具性价比。况且,每年11月的第三个星期四, 博若莱新酿都是市场营销的主力头牌。

Carol Gong (Wine Specialist / Regional Director) 龚菁(葡萄酒专家, 区域总监)

One of my most memorable moments in wine was actually my first! I was at a tasting and drank white, red and champagne all in one sitting and then got the nickname ‘Bubbly Carol’ due to how much Champagne Taittinger I’d had!

那时刚入行,那是第一次,却成为如今之我的最难忘。在那场品鉴会上,我从白葡萄酒品鉴到红葡萄酒,直到泰亭哲香槟的出现… 天知道我喝了多少泰亭哲!我只知道那天之后我就多了一个名字 “泡泡Carol”。

Jessica Wu (Wine Specialist / Regional Director) 吴佳静(资深葡萄酒专家, 区域总监)

I’ll never forget tasting a 1974 Heitz Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. It changed my view on Napa wines…I used to hear people say that Napa made great wine, which can sometimes rival Bordeaux, but I didn’t believe it until I tasted that bottle. Now I know it to be absolutely true!

我忘不了那瓶1974年份的琼斯酒庄赤霞珠,是它让我对纳帕酒有所改观… 大家总说纳帕出好酒,足以跟波尔多媲美,过去我并不认同。直到那天我品鉴到了它,真的是千真万确啊!

Leigh-Ann Luckett (Wine Specialist / Operations Director) Leigh-Ann Luckett (葡萄酒专家,运营总监)

If I had to be a grape I’d probably be a Riesling – it has a tendency toward sharpness but with the very definite potential to be sweet with good ageing potential!

如果我必须是一颗葡萄,我想我应该会是一颗雷司令 – 它可以酿造有着清爽锋利酸度的干型葡萄酒,也能酿出具有陈年潜力的甜酒!

Him Ho (Senior Wine Specialist)  何仕谦(资深葡萄酒专家)

In the fast-paced and often unpredictable wine auction world (especially in Hong Kong), people are still holding onto the idea of aged Burgundy so this for me, still rings true for 2020. It still offers exceptional value for investors and wine lovers all over the world and I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere!  


Toni Ip (Head Designer) 叶东廉(首席设计师)

My personality suits a Grenache. Spicy in subtle ways but soft to drink (with… I hope….) and also performs best with high alcohol content.


Jacqueline Yeung (Accounts) 杨之淇(会计师)

I would love to be a Chardonnay. I’m easy to get on with but perhaps a little shy when I first meet people. Once I open up, I’m everyone’s favourite friend though!





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